Leah Mazza & Laurel Fulton


   "The interactions we have with one another are fleeting and intangible.  We seek connection with one another in search of completeness, a void that we can not satiate on our own.  However no matter how connected with another there is a distance that is preserved.  My work uses the tool or apparatus as a metaphor for how two people interact freezing the body at their point of connection.  Using both traditional and contemporary metalsmithing techniques I fabricate the apparatus's and photograph them on the body."  


   "Using the self portrait as an alternate provate journal, I archive personal moments as a way to delve deeply into a transformative process of self-reflection.  Behind closed doors, people alow their full personalities to reign supreme.  No one is there to hinder or influence thoughts and actions, and we become simultaneously lost and found in our private universe.  The drawings may appear to be a different person entirely, but they embody moments when I am most authentic and unapologetically myself."