SUBSONICS descend again the denizens slurry steamy jingle jungle Subsonics beatnik, noir-punk careen machine left indelible black spots on the psyche of big-bam-boom-shang-a-lang rockers the world over two-decade+ tenure singer Clay Reed's petulant, masculine-feminine vocals and surreal lyricism shaken up with his de-nature garrote guitar, Buffi Aguero’s invective, incessantly churning drumming, and Rob Delbueno's (Man? Or Astroman?) roilling basement bass.

On his late pin, writ, yet eerily familiar, melodies echo in catacombs of America's soul ring funk delinquent's budget bubblegum obsessive, detached drop-in after-hours soiled sheet sound is Subsonics. 

MEAN QUEEN from Athens, GA dispense propulsive, no-nonsense hard rock that looks death in the face and says, “whatever, man.” Sam’s sinewy guitar riffs and resolute vocals snake with Helen’s anchor-weight bass lines and Tim's bold battery syncopations to express the sound of three people driven to diffuse the tensions of a workaday world and transform them into fists that pump and heads that bang. Mean Queen’s clock is permanently set to rock and there is nothing in their way." -Jace Bartet?

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